I just love the colour of Angelite!! The beautiful blue reminds me of the sky on a beautiful sunny day. So bright, warm and positive! 

First discovered in the 80's in Peru, Angelite is a form of Anhydrite which is a common form of Gypsum. 
Angelite is formed from Celestite the has been compressed for millions of years! 

Metaphysical Properties 

Angelite helps promote communication and self- expression. It brings in a beautiful positive energy that helps to dispel fear, anger and anxiety.  

Chakra -  Throat

Zodiac - Aquarius 

Suggested Uses 

This is a good stone to have on you, in jewellery form or in your pocket. 
Otherwise, keep one somewhere that you spend a lot of time, like on your desk or next to your bed. 

Cleansing Recommendations 

Angelite is a soft stone and can react to water and heat, especially in its rough form. We suggest avoiding these cleansing options and going for a safer option like Selenite or the light of the Full Moon. 

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