The Little Book Of Pocket Spells - Akasha Moon

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The Little Book Of Pocket Spells - Akasha Moon $20

Bring a little magic into your life

Conjuring up love, success, health and happiness, The Little Book of Pocket Spells has a spell for every occasion. It offers an array of practical tips for bringing those magic essentials into your life, including:

- Aphrodite's Refresher for adding zing to your love life
-The Karmic Calmer for dealing for annoying situations
- Wintergreen oil to keep your lover faithful
- Candle Magic and Bathtime Brews to lift the blues
- Astral Armour for times of crisis
- Patchouli, cypress and mimosa to banish jealousy

With its sparkling spells and creative charms, this magical gem of a book will have you and others spellbound.