HEM Frankincense Resin 30g

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HEM Frankincense Resin 30g pack (1 pack) - $6 each 

For thousands of years frankincense has been known by the ancient world for its healing and spiritual properties. At one time frankincense was considered to be more valuable than gold. Burning frankincense creates and enchanting atmosphere that helps enhance meditation, reduce stress and tension, and uplift one spiritually. 

Resin is the natural form of incense! Perfect for burning on it's own, in a ritual, spell or for cleansing the home.

How to use - 

Set a charcoal tablet in a container or dish and light the tablet. Slowly fan or blow on the tablet. Only after the charcoal is aglow and stops crackling, put the incense on the top. Use a knife, spoon or tweezers to drop the resin incense onto the tablet. Enjoy! 

Great to use in smudging rituals, meditation or to make your home smell great! 

** Keep away from children and pets