Apache Tear - Large

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Apache Tear Large - $15 each 

Approx size - 20-35g 

Each piece is hand picked by me for you 
** All stones are unique and vary in size, colour and pattern. 

What is an Apache Tear? 

Apache Tears are a special form of Obsidian. Formed when lava cools in a very short time, this stops the crystals forming and turning into volcanic glass. 
Apache Tears have a rough outer surface that appear to be an opaque black colour but often when held up to the light, they are translucent brown. 

What are the metaphysical properties? 

Apache Tears have all the same metaphysical properties as Obsidian does. So it is great for protection, grounding, absorbing negative energy and helps to clear negative emotions and energy. 

But Apache Tears are more often used to help comfort and support those who are grieving and aid in emotional healing. 

Where did the Apache Tear get its name? 

Legend believes that long ago, there was a tribe of Apache people. The warriors from that tribe were believed to be hiding out for an ambush to protect their land.
They lost the fight.
It is believed that the tears from the wives and families of the fallen warriors turned to stone when they hit the ground, forming the Apache Tears. 

Chakra - Base/ Root 

Zodiac -  Capricorn